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To remind you all; we need you to join in on our RaidCall channel. Raidcall is a free and easy to use software tool that allows us to instantly communicate with each other. Our RaidCall channel is: 9835946 ~It's a semi-public channel so once you search for the ID you need to apply and be accepted by a moderator. / We also have a Skype groupchat. Send a PM to anyone already in the group on the forums with your Skype name or send an invite on Skype to: Gabriel-Syno or anyone else in the group.

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Slyth says hi :>

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1Slyth says hi :> Empty Slyth says hi :> on Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:00 pm


Hello I'm Slyth or Aitor Very Happy

I'm new member in the guild and I want to say hello to everybody.
I'm 24 y.o from Spain and I started to play eflyff from 14-15 y.o (i dont remember D:).
I loved to play there but almost everybody quitted so I have decided to play in this server.
I'm at experienced player on eFlyff, but not here so probably I will ask for some things :p

I like to work in team, participate in events and sieges. I don't know so much of  sieges here but I will learn all the needed to participate with you guys :>

You can talk to me whatever you want,  if you need my help or just chill :3.

See you in the game guys! Very Happy

2Slyth says hi :> Empty Re: Slyth says hi :> on Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:13 am


Hey Aitor, Smile I like the introduction sounds very optimistic ^^ Twins will arrange a Guild Event soon. Stay tuned here in forums and Welcome to Twins Guild and Forum. Glad to have you.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
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3Slyth says hi :> Empty Re: Slyth says hi :> on Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:47 pm


welcome to the family, Aitor ^^.
Excited to meet you soon.

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